About Us

Our Vision

Vector Construction Data was started out of our desire to help the underdog.

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to compete with the large corporations that can afford to pay full-time employees that keep them on the cutting edge of technology. We knew that with our combined experience, we could provide an extraordinary tool in the building of success. We strive to be an extra tool in the small businesses belt so that they can grow on the right side (not the bleeding side) of technology.

Our Experience

We bring experience from all aspects of the construction industry. All of us have started our careers shoveling dirt or moving lumber. Our desire to learn and the resulting challenge is what led us through the different careers that benefit our customers today.

Having spent time creating projects with Civil Engineers, we take the knowledge of how the plans are built and apply it to creating accurate takeoffs. Experiencing the bidding of projects with general contractors has exposed us to the difficulty of trying to glean the necessary information from complex takeoffs and making uneducated guesses.

While managing projects, we’ve spent countless hours flipping through encyclopedia sized spec books, finding ways to save a buck and struggling with tracking systems that are so complex, you’d need a degree to be proficient with them.

We’ve also had the privilege of learning the ways of grade control. From using it to push dirt, all of the way up to the model building.

Delivering Accurate, Quality Models